This version of our Up’n’Away storage cabinet is attached to the wall only and is supported from underneath. This forms a wall cabinet that can be installed at any height for easier access to items, while leaving space underneath for another purpose or items that can be hung from the support itself.

You will find that our overhead storage cupboard is large enough to fit most items that are scattered about the household providing access from the front as well as sides.

The designed width, height and depth of this wall cabinet are just right to fit most items and store them securely. The storage rack has a load capacity up to 100kg in distributed weight. A robust steel frame engineered and tested in line with Australian Standards ensures this weight is held safely.

The wall rack is also enclosed with lightweight acrylic panels that attach to the steel frame forming its walls. Because the panel walls attach to the casing by magnetic attraction, they are completely removable, ensuring easy access to the rack’s contents from all sides. In addition, the magnetic seal protects the contents from dust and unwanted pests. The front panels can also slide open over each other for quick access at any time.

Standard design comes in white, but this wall cupboard has many colour options. We can tailor the frame, panels and borders for you, in a range of colour finishes as well as décors. This makes this storage system not only functional but also very attractive.