Retractable insect screens are gaining popularity with people seeking natural ventilation while ensuring their home is insect free. Retractable screens come in both pleated and traditional rollaway varieties and allow for horizontal and vertical operation. Unlike many conventional fly screens, retractable screens are aesthetically pleasing and visible only when in use offering uninterrupted views and convenient access in and out of the home.

The screens fit most types of openings both small and large! Our retractable screens are smooth, safe and effortless to operate and when not in use the insect mesh is safely stowed away in a protective housing that keeps the netting clean and protected from damage. You will find these retractable insect screens have a higher resistance to wind and provide shade to improve comfort.

Monarch and Foldaway: Horizontally sliding pleated screens ideally suited for larger openings. These retractable screens are perfect for sliding, stacker, bi-fold, double and single doors. In addition they can be joined together to form enclosures for patios or balconies. Furthermore, the clever retracting guide not only holds the mesh at the floor but the track guide is also flat, leaving an unimpeded pathway through the door. What is more, the screen is not spring-loaded, so it is easily positioned and stopped anywhere along the opening without strain.

Visionair: A slim line pleated screen great for use over window openings. This screen can operate horizontally sliding left and right, or vertically moving up and down. A unique cord operating system allows users to guide the screen to any position making it easy to handle without the need for a spring-loaded brake or manual locking device.

Ez Screen:  These screens are perfect for the home renovator. They are attractive and easy to install over most window openings and are available in a traditional ‘flat net’ rollaway version as well as a pleated variety. They incorporate horizontal and vertical operation, depending on type. These innovative retractable insect screens are mountable to the face of the window opening as well as inside the reveal, making them trouble-free to install.

In today’s world of combining indoor and outdoor living environments, retractable insect screens are a perfect inclusion to protect interior and alfresco areas from annoying insects, while assuring abundant ventilation.

Our screens have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they perform as intended. We are confident that these screens will give you many years of satisfaction. Send us an enquiry or call us and we will help you in choosing the best screen for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which direction the window or door screen slides?

Yes. The Monarch and Foldaway series are horizontally operated screens intended for doors. The Visionair and Ez Screen series operate both horizontally and vertically across windows.

Can they be stopped at any point along the opening?

Due to the unique tensioning system, the screens can stop at any position – except for one version of the Ez Screen that recoils. There is no braking system or excessive force required to operate or stop these screens.

What is the maximum size I can get in a retractable screen?

The Monarch Maxi and Foldaway is a multi-panel pleated screen designed to fit a maximum height of 2.7 metres and up to 9 metres wide. The Monarch Ex can cover an opening of up to 4 metres wide by 2.7 metres high in a double cassette configuration or a maximum of 2 metres wide by 2.7 metres high in a single cassette configuration. The Visionair and Ez Screen are intended for smaller areas like windows.

Do these screens have a bottom track to step over?

No. This is a big point of difference. The bottom track is flat on all our door screens.

What sort of wind resistance do the screens have?

Pleated screens generally have a much higher resistance to winds than rollaway screens because pleats can stretch. In addition, specifically designed clips hold the mesh in place with cords running across the net restraining it and resisting blowouts.

If the mesh stretches or becomes loose can I tighten it?

Yes, but only on the pleated systems. The installation and maintenance instructions show how to tension the mesh; it is not difficult and only takes a few minutes.

Can I install the Screen myself?

We recommend that a professional installer be engaged to install the screen. However, the Ez Screen is intended for installation by anyone who is handy with tools.


Keeps bugs out ensuring ventilation

Ventilation is important for health and wellbeing but how hard is this to accomplish when all the bugs are getting in? Retractable insect screens safeguard you from bugs allowing entry of fresh air.

Covers large and small openings

Size makes no difference for these retractable screens. Whether it is a large bi-fold door, a small window or a full patio enclosure, all can be protected.

Both vertical and horizontal operation

Different openings require distinct approaches. On doors, horizontal side-to-side action is usually best, but many windows require up and down vertical operation.

Look attractive blending in with décor

Our range of retractable insect screens come in a range of colours and anodised finishes to ensure they fit in perfectly with your décor.

Easy to use with effortless operation

The screens glide easily allowing users to position it anywhere along the opening without strain against a pullback motion of other spring-loaded systems.

Provides clear views

When not in use, the mesh can be stored neatly out of sight ensuring unhindered views.

Mesh stowed away for protection

When not in use, the mesh can be stored in a protective housing that keeps it clean and protected from damage.

Makes rooms feel bigger and more open

The semi-transparent pleated mesh used in these modern retractable insect screens is strong durable and adds a stylish look to the home.

Flat bottom guide for unobstructed pathway

Monarch series incorporates a unique withdrawing mesh guide at the floor that disappears when the screen opens giving the floor a safe, tidy and flush finish.

Resistant to blowouts

Many other retractable screens act as sails in high wind and detach from their guides leaving gaps around the edges. Not these! Our retractable screens have cords running across the pleated mesh that holds the net firmer, resisting blowout.

Screens are available in both pleated and traditional rollaway varieties that suit small and large openings allowing horizontal and vertical operation that is smooth and effortless.

Purchase is made-to-order in a range of colours with the option of supply only or professionally installed (recommended).

We are a local Australian company, based in Adelaide. We service the immediate Adelaide area with advice and free quotes for many varieties of screening products. If you’re looking get rid of bugs, we’ll have the screen that suits your needs.


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