This amazing new overhead storage cabinet debuted at the Adelaide Home Show Expo in April 2014 and was met with genuine curiosity and interest by shoppers. People with small garages found the idea of a ceiling storage cabinet to be quite ingenious and were almost relieved at the prospect of being able to utilise this wasted space to organise their garages much more effectively. Those with new houses or renovating old houses also discussed the benefits of ceiling storage compared to wall storage, being able to hide all that “stuff” that’s been collected over the years, up and out of the way, clearing valuable garage floor space.

All the panels are completely removable, providing storage space for odd shaped or long items like golf clubs, fishing rods, swimming noodles and watering cans. This unique garage cabinet is magnetically sealed providing a dust free environment for more valuable but bulky items like all those photo albums or Nanna’s antique spoon collection you just can’t bear to part with but don’t really have the space to display in your home.

Our overhead storage cabinets are modular in design, so additional units can be added as the need arises. In this age of “he who has the most stuff wins” a storage system like Geeni Up‘n’Away Overhead Storage has the potential to help in garage organisation of many households.