Insect and security screens suit a variety of door and window applications, with a selection of styles, colours and security options available. In addition, the mechanised manufacturing process ensures a high level of quality and finish. The difference; all our screens have robust aluminium profiles welded together at the joins, producing a high strength and long lasting product.

Whether you prefer the high security ForceField® stainless steel solution, the timeless Diamond designs, the classic Heritage Door arrangement or just need to keep the small intruders out with an Insect Screen, we can cater to your needs.

Reference-ForcefieldForceField: Almost invisible yet near impossible to get past. Welded frames look better and provide a stronger bond than any screw or rivet. The join between the heavy-duty frame and marine grade stainless steel mesh is both mechanical and chemical making it virtually unbreakable and eliminates corrosion. This product is suitable for all openings in all areas where security requirements are of the highest calibre.

Reference-DiamondDiamond: At first glance, the product looks similar to other security screens. A closer look reveals that there are no visible joints – the frame is in one piece. You can choose between the Small or Large Diamond designs. Both are secure and economical – Small Diamond more secure, Large Diamond more economical. Welding or chemical bonding links the aluminium grille firmly to the frame from corner to corner, preventing forced entry. This product is fantastic for most applications, where security is important at a budget price.

Reference-HeritageHeritage Door: These doors add character to your home. The doors are made from rust-free cast aluminium panels welded on all contact points to a heavy-duty aluminium frame. Coupled with a seven-stage powder coat finish, the Heritage designs are virtually immune to corrosion assuring many years of trouble-free use. We offer a wide range of designs to choose from, with all designs available in a variety of colour options.

Reference-InsectInsect Screens: Just like any other insect screen, our screen keeps the small intruders out. The similarities end here. Like our security screens, our insect screens are also welded at all joins with robotic perfection. You will enjoy their extra strength and great looks every day for years to come. The standard insect gauze is a high quality, long lasting fibreglass mesh. There are also other gauzes available specifically designed for bushfire prone areas as well as pets.

Whether you have a single or double door, or perhaps an aluminium or timber window, we have products that cover all requirements. In addition, for most screens you can choose additional accessories like locks, handles, hinges, rollers, door closers, pet doors, screen protectors etc.

We are confident that our screens will not only give you a peace of mind and free your home of insects, but also leave a lasting impression. Send us an enquiry or call us and we will guide you in choosing the best screen for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the frames sturdy?

Very. Our frames are lightweight marine grade aluminium with seamless welded corners forming one single unbreakable element. Be assured, they will last.

What are the differences between types of security screens?

Security screens come in different designs and strengths. They also undergo different testing criteria. The ForceField steel mesh looks like an insect screen but provides ultimate security. The Diamond grille comes in several shapes and sizes and can be welded or chemically bonded to the frame, providing different levels of penetration resistance. The Heritage series has a custom character combined with security for front doors.

Are there screens available for all types of windows and doors?

A suitable screen, whether for security and/or insects, can be found for most (but not all) windows and doors. In most cases, the colour can also be matched.

For security, do I have to cover all glass panes?

Yes and no. This depends on you and your situation. If you have an alarm for times that you are out, but need to increase security when at home with a window or door open, then a screen over the openable section is adequate. For maximum security, it’s best to cover all glass panes, openable and fixed.

Can I get magnetic screens?

Yes. Alteration of your existing screens to magnetic is possible, so long as there is room for introduction of a steel frame to make them connect. Otherwise, you can have new screens made to size with a magnetic attachment. However, not all windows are suitable for this option.

Is there a “pet proof” screen?

Absolutely. Our security ForceField range has a stainless steel mesh that isn’t damaged by scratching dogs. However, if security isn’t an issue, you may prefer to use a Pet Mesh in an insect screen frame. Pet Mesh is 19 times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh.

What about a pet door?

Our screens come with many accessories, including pet doors of different sizes.

Are they bushfire safe?

Even during a bushfire, a security ForceField screen will protect you. It will not only stay in place, but just one metre away from this screen inside the building, reduction of heat is approximately 90% when compared to the heat outside at the surface of the screen. A steel mesh for insect screens is also available and specifically designed for bushfire prone areas.

Can I put them in myself?

Yes, but why would you when our team can do it for you! Our screens are custom made for your windows and doors and they can be a bit tricky to install, as there is very little “give” in the screens. We have the experience and knowledge to install your screens easily and securely the first time, every time.


Superior quality and strength

Welding the aluminium frame at all joins makes the product strong and long lasting. Chemical bonding of safety grilles make them almost unbreakable. For security, this increases the required effort to penetrate the barrier. In addition, all screens become more durable.

Wide selection of colours and finishes

Each building has its own character. Screens need to match this. You can choose from a wide selection of colours to ensure they blend in. In addition, there are also many types with diverse finishes, so that you can pick the one that suits best.

Security for peace of mind

Security is increasingly important. With high strength frames, grilles and bonds tested to Australian Standards, you can feel safe and assured.

Keeps insects out allowing ventilation

Insects can be a problem. Shutting these little pests out also closes ventilation. Insect screens allow fresh air and stop bugs, but ours do so for many years without breaking down.

Look attractive blending in with décor

The last thing you want is to buy a product that solves one problem and creates another. Our screens match most décors, but most importantly, they will not degrade, providing satisfaction for years to come.

Accessorised and tailored to most demands

People have different needs. Some have dogs or cats and require pet doors or a higher strength mesh; others may need the extra security of a triple lock. Whatever it is, we have accessories to ensure that your requirements are satisfied.

Robust manufacturing process for quality

We do not put the screens together on site, nor do we do it in our back yard. Our screens are factory made, using mechanised processes guaranteeing high quality control. This makes the screens robust, ensuring repeatable characteristics to meet design standards in integrity as well as appearance.

Tested under Australian Standards

Australian Standards are among the highest in the world. Our screens are certified to meet these standards. This alone puts our screens ahead of many others.

Assembled as one unit without weaknesses

Because all joins are welded or chemically bonded, the screens become one unbreakable piece. This ensures that each screen is long lasting, very strong and looks great.

Maintenance free

Many screens that are put together with screws and rivets break down over time. Our screens do not. This means that no maintenance is required.

Screens production is automated using high strength yet lightweight aluminium frames, with seamless welded corners forming a single unbreakable element for a long lasting effect.

Purchase is made-to-order in a range of colours with the option of supply only or professionally installed (recommended).

We are a local Australian company, based in Adelaide. We service the immediate Adelaide area with advice and free quotes for many varieties of screening products. If you’re looking get rid of ALL unwanted intruders, we’ll have the screen that suits your needs.


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