Many people accumulate things and I definitely belong to this group. Whether this is right or wrong, one thing is certain, people who have lots of stuff need more storage space. Where to put it all is the important question? What do you do when all the storage cupboards in the house are full! I found myself moving things out to my garage.

Initially, I would put everything in boxes on the floor. However, in time, the floor space was lost and things spilled out of the boxes creating chaos. This wasn’t a good look and my wife didn’t appreciate it. Next, I bought cheap garage shelves and put my boxes on them. However, it was hard work to keep on top of garage organisation with a growing mess on the shelves. So, I tried building my own garage rack, but that didn’t work out either partly because it did not resolve the issue of dust. I also found that I started extending the rack until access to the cars was impeded so much, it was hard to get inside them. Not only that, it looked disjointed and most importantly my home-made garage cabinet was unsafe.

At this point I thought that an overhead garage cabinet may help. The Geeni Up’n’Away Overhead Storage Unit really did deliver. This storage system is a kind of wall cupboard that doubles up as a ceiling cabinet. It is installed in the space where the wall meets the ceiling – an area never utilised, so it does not take any floor space. I park my car directly underneath this unit and no longer have any space restrictions.

This storage cabinet is also modular, so we could have as many modules as we needed along the length of our garage walls. This allowed us to store all sorts of items, from a bulky esky to heavy cartons as well as long rods and oars that are always difficult to stow. What I really love about this ceiling rack is that it is sealed. Thanks to its magnetically attached front and side walls, which are fully removable but also slide open, all things are protected from dust and dirt and still easily accessible.

Going with overhead storage is by far the best garage storage idea. It frees up lots of floor space and keeps your garage and belongings clean, neat and tidy. I love it and recommend this overhead storage cabinet to anyone who is looking for a storage system for their household.