Geeni Up’n’Away overhead storage cabinets are designed to save space in the garage, carport, laundry or any other part of the household that is cluttered with items. The advantage of this modern storage cupboard is that it hangs conveniently under the ceiling clearing your floor area for other use.

You will also find that our ceiling rack is large enough to fit most items that are scattered about the household and that otherwise have no permanent place. The designed width, height and depth of this wall cabinet are just right to fit most items and to store them safely. The storage rack has a load capacity up to 100kg in distributed weight. A robust steel frame secured to the wall and/or ceiling, guarantees this great capacity without compromise having high strength engineered into the cabinet design and subsequently tested in line with Australian Standards.

The cabinet is enclosed with lightweight acrylic panels that attach to the Up’n’Away storage steel frame and form its walls. Panels attach to the storage casing by magnetic attraction and are therefore completely removable, ensuring easy access to the rack’s contents from front and sides. In addition, the magnetic seal protects the contents from dust and unwanted pests. The front panels can also slide open over each other for quick access at any time. With all the wall panelling removed and the overhead storage fully exposed, it’s really easy to insert even a bulky esky from the front or a long fishing rod from its side.

Installation of our shelving units is most often done directly under the ceiling. By doing this, the otherwise unused ceiling space is utilised, clearing the floor area for other exploits. It is possible however, to place the rack lower for easier access to items if the need arises. This helps to make our storage system adaptable, convenient to use with great appeal to boot.

In fact, there are three versions of Geeni Up’n’Away storage cupboards to suit all your needs.

Version-AStorage cabinet installed under the celling. This cabinet is installed directly under the ceiling and is attached to that ceiling as well as the wall creating a ceiling cabinet that is completely out-of-the-way. This is a great option for storing items that are used less often and that otherwise get in the way.

Version-BWall attached storage cabinets supported from underneath. This forms a wall cabinet that can be installed at any height, while still leaving space underneath for another purpose. This is a great option for storing items that need to be accessible on a day-to-day basis.

Version-CWall attached storage cabinets supported from above. This cabinet is similar to the cabinet supported from underneath, with the exception that the support is above, rather than below it. The stored items are easily accessible but with clear space below the cabinet. This also enables this version to be stacked on top of version supported from underneath.

The enclosed storage system is also modular. This is very important because it makes the overhead storage expandable at any time, without loss to its visual appeal. Modules can simply be joined side‑to‑side giving a desired length perfect for any requirement. You can therefore start with one module and then naturally expand it by adding onto it more modules, when the need arises.

Standard design comes in white, but this ceiling storage has many colour options. We can tailor the frame, panels and borders for you, in a range of colour finishes as well as décors. This makes our storage cupboards not only functional but also very attractive.

If you are looking for a contemporary, flexible and accessible storage system that fits your style, saves space and helps to keep your garage, carport, laundry or any other part of the house organised – then you have just found the perfect solution! Send us an enquiry or call us and we will tell you just how easy it all is.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a cupboard stuck to the ceiling?

No. It is a modular metal framework attached to the wall and ceiling, specifically designed to hold weight, so you can store items securely and out of the way.

How big is one module and how much weight can it carry?

Each module is 1200mm wide by 600mm high by 600mm deep and can carry up to 100kg of distributed weight – depending also on the type of wall and ceiling it is attached to.

How do I access stored items?

Each module has four fully removable magnetic panels that provide easy access to stored items from the front and sides. The front panels also slide over each other providing quick access to items.

Won't dust get in?

No. The magnetic panels create a seal, stopping dust and rodents from accessing your stored items.

Can I extend it later on?

Yes. It is a modular design, so you can add another module to your initial setup at any time. Modules seamlessly join at the sides ensuring a consistent look of one larger unit, delivering space for longer and extra items.

Does it come in different colours?

The standard colour is white, but custom colours are available. The magnetic wall panels on the front can be custom made to suit your needs – clear, whiteboard or even a custom design. The frame can also be colour matched to your desire.

Is it only for the garage or can I put it inside my house too?

You can put it anywhere inside or outside your home so long as it is undercover with sufficient ceiling space.

Who installs it?

The modules come in kit form for installation by a qualified technician or by one of our contract installers.


Dust free functional storage

Up’n’Away Storage is the perfect solution for holding household items of different shapes and sizes in a clean and dust free storage cabinet that never gets in your way. What’s more, this storage solution is perfect for inside or outside the home.

Space saver for clutter

Why waste valuable floor area if you can utilise the otherwise vacant ceiling space to store your household clutter? Up’n’Away Storage is a truly revolutionary solution, highly popular in Europe and America. Regain your room space and become organised quickly and easily.

Utilise ceiling space

Ceiling space is the perfect place for storage because it is free and out-of-the-way. Up’n’Away Storage is versatile by fitting onto most walls immediately under the ceiling or lower to enable effortless access to items. Whatever mount you choose, the cabinet will store most items making your laundry, garage or shed look tidy and organised.

Reclaim floor area

There is nothing worse than a pile of stuff spread over the floor where you can never find anything. Let Up’n’Away Storage come to the rescue! With this storage cabinet, the floor space underneath is reclaimed.

Magnetic and sliding panels that seal

Up’n’Away Storage is different! It does not have doors on hinges like all other cupboards. Instead, it has magnetic panels made from lightweight acrylic that are completely removable providing easy access to contents. What’s more, the magnetic seal makes the storage area dust free. Additionally, panels slide open over one another for quick access to individual items.

Easy access to items from every side

Conventional cupboards only provide one point of entry for items – from the front. With Up’n’Away Storage you can access your items from the sides too. Both front and side panels are magnetic – and therefore, removable. Imagine no more problems with putting away fishing rods!

Modular design expandable at any time

What do you do when one cupboard is not enough? You buy a second – but somehow, the two next to one another never look as good as the single by itself. Up’n’Away Storage is designed to be modular, so you can start with one module and then expand it to two or three without altering its appearance. Modules joined side‑to‑side leave a clean continuous finish. Best of all, you can make this expansion at any time.

Modern aesthetic finish

Whatever the space, storage must be functional and appealing. Up’n’Away Storage uses impeccable materials leaving a clean fresh look that suits most décors. Whether installed inside or outside, this storage cabinet simply fits in.

Choice of colour

Up’n’Away Storage can be ordered in many colours. Although white is standard, you can choose other colours for the frame, panel walls and their borders.

Whiteboard item listing option

For those that love to stay organised, the Up’n’Away Storage acrylic panels can be written on using whiteboard markers. Why would you do this? Perhaps to identify items found inside or maybe just to leave notes for others. Either way, once your note has no further use, you simply wipe it off.

Up’n’Away Storage Cabinets reclaim floor space permitting to stow away most items in an enclosed dust free cabinet with removable and sliding wall panels for easy access.

Purchase of single or multiple modules is available for installation by our qualified technician, or in a flat pack to be fitted by a third party competent installer.

We are a local Australian company, based in Adelaide. Our storage system was designed and built in Australia and by Australians, with locally sourced components. We are proud to service our local Adelaide (and surrounds) market with advice and free quotes. If you’re looking to get organised, we’ll help you get there.


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