May 2015 - Working on flat packing the Up'n'Away Storage.

Right from the start, our intention was to create a kit for the Up’n’Away Storage. This would allow customers to order the product through our website e-store. Quick, efficient and low cost distribution of orders as flat pack kits to anywhere is key to this idea. Every kit includes instructions to install the product in a DYI fashion by a person with some technical prowess.

February 2015 - Working on wall mount only for Up'n'Away Storage.

Tests and installations have revealed situations where it is not possible to mount a module to the ceiling. This could be for technical reasons or because the cabinet attachment to the wall needs to be lowered below the ceiling. For this reason, we are engineering a special type of support installed under each module to satisfy with these requirements.

September 2014 - Up'n'Away Storage now has sliding wall panels.

While our first version of Up’n’Away Storage had just magnetic wall panels that could be removed, this did not facilitate for quick access to single items, nor provided a safety catch for panels should something inside the storage move and push a panel out. We have now devised a track that allows panels to slide across one another, with a catch preventing automatic dislodgement.

June 2014 - First showing of Up'n'Away Storage receives positive feedback.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to look at the system and decided to make the first few orders. All customers came back with great feedback claiming this as a great idea. It really makes life easier. High-density living means less space for more things. People who have taken interest in our product say that it solves this dilemma.

May 2014 - Ceiling cabinet has a name: Up'n'Away Storage.

We have called the new storage cabinet Up’n’Away Storage. The reason; – it is installed up high in the ceiling freeing up valuable floor space. We believe that this reclamation of floor space is the main advantage of the product. Marking this idea is key to its success.

April 2014 - Finished the design and testing of the new storage system.

Half a year of work finally produced an engineered design that has undergone thorough stress testing. It took many prototypes to refine but finally we have a solution that is installable quickly and easily and one that is volumetrically large and robust enough to carry the loads that we believe the market will find appealing.

September 2013 - A new idea for ceiling storage; - the development begins.

A simple idea, storage cabinet utilising space that is otherwise not used. Use of the ceiling space is of course the answer. The applications are diverse. Units, townhouses, garages, sheds, laundries – anywhere were space is premium. Now, to the design. Our parameters say that it must also be easy to use, quick to install by almost anyone and be flat packable for delivery anywhere, anytime and at a low cost.

January 2012 - Introduction of Low-e Window Films.

Low-e films are the window films of the future. They provide all year protection from both solar heat in summer and conducted heat in winter. They are thicker providing more security, are more resistant to scratching and utilise better gluing technologies. They are also more effective and often much lighter than traditional solar films.

November 2009 - Insect and Security Screens added to offer.

We already have retractable screens so insect and security screens are a natural addition to our range. We have chosen Prowler Proof screens. These very solid robotically welded screens are guaranteed to last. The quality and strength of the product is very high lining up with our ideology. Furthermore, the product comes in many varieties and add-ons providing a wide range of choice.

May 2007 - Expanding into the Retractable Screens market.

An opportunity to expand and offer retractable insect screens could not be turned down. Retractable screens are a great way to provide ventilation into open rooms without insects. Australia has long periods of good weather when people like to live outdoors. The screens provide the ability to do this without bugs.

November 2005 - Starting with Solar Window Films.

Solar films are often necessary to protect windows from the hot summer sun. They also provide other advantages like; glare reduction, privacy and security. This is our starting point, but we have bigger goals and aim to provide high quality and novel products to customers across Australia.