The last twelve months, since the release of Geeni Up’n’Away Overhead Storage into the Adelaide market has been an exciting time for me. I brought the idea to the table and took a large part in the design and construction of this unique ceiling storage cabinet.

In our modern world accessibility to new goods, put together with increased purchasing power allows us all to accumulate hordes of stuff. The real problem is where to store it. While working in customers’ homes, I found that many people in Australia are literally forced to park their cars outside because their garage is filled with other possessions. In fact, this should not come as a surprise, as I had exactly the same problem in my place. So, I was inspired to make a change and started tinkering around with a notion to create a storage cupboard that can be hung as a wall rack.

I must admit that I had some help. Coming from Europe, I was aware of a similar overhead storage concept used in apartments there. That particular storage system is built into the wall directly under the ceiling, usually having a timber frame and plasterboard walls. I wanted to expand on this idea and make a storage system that is more versatile so it could be applied internally and externally. Also, it was my goal to fully enclose it in order to protect its contents from dust as well as to make it stronger ensuring it can carry heavier items.

I found that a steel construction enclosed by removable acrylic panels held in place by magnets is the best way to satisfy these parameters. The end result is a functional wall cabinet with great looks installed either directly under the ceiling or lower onto the wall.

I made the first prototype and installed in my own garage. Once finished, I was ecstatic at the fact that I could finally reclaim my garage floor for the car. It took many more prototypes before we had a product that we could release on the market, but I am really proud of our overhead storage system. I am convinced that this new ceiling storage cabinet can help many people in Australia to sort out their mess and make life a lot easier